Steve Jobs, anecdotes and little-known facts.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the Sofitel case.

Hitler, facts and myths
Historical facts.

Propaganda posters during World War II
Some surprises here.

What is the origin of the Apple logo?
Is this apple an hommage to Alan Turing, as it is often reported in blogs?


Sadness pictures
The saddest photos.

Jaycee Dugard
Her incredible story.

Document: The George Sodini's diary.
The testement of the killer.

Environment and World

Japan earthquake and tsunami
An earthquake followed by tsunami caused extensive damage.

The biggest building in the World
It is an hostel in China.

Crocodile and alligator
Facts and dramtic photos.

Other categories

Formula 1 and extreme cars.

Computer technologie and software
New technologies and reviews and comparisons of software.

Web actors
Major enterprises of the Web.


The year 2009

The year 2010