Brooke Greenberg, the child who never grows old

Brooke Greenberg will be eternally child. It is a unique case. She has 16 years of age but keeps the mental age of a child under 1 year and his body does not grow.

Brooke Greenberg

More precisely, parts of his body does not grow synchronized, they evolve separately or not at all. Her bones are those of a girl of 10 years. She still has baby teeth. His brain seems to not have changed.
The cause is unclear.

She was born February 8, 1993. It weighs 7 kg for 76 cm. She has not had a normal gestation and had to undergo surgery at birth to correct abnormalities. At the age of 5 years it remained dormant 14 days straight, and the cause remains a mystery.

Howard Greenberg, his father asks: “Have we discovered the fountain of youth? ”

To find out, she was the subject of studies of her DNA and genes specifically associated with aging. They were normal in contrast to what happens in people with Werner’s syndrome or progeria (premature aging).


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