Hitler, Facts and Myths

Besides the myths, many very surprising or paradoxical facts are real.

Many myths are propagated about Hitler. Theories presented by famous people, doctors when it comes to health, are issued and taken to established truths, but are often in contradiction with each other.

A multiple-choice survey in November 2009 by the Scottish Erskine Association which interviewed 2,000 UK students between 9 and 15 years, reported the following results:
- 5% believe that Hitler was a German football coach.
- 6% believe that the Holocaust was a feast celebrating the end of the war.
- 10% that the SS are characters from the series The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton.
- 15% that Auschwitz was an amusement park as Disneyland!
That is why we need to etablish the truth …

Painting by Hitler

Painting by Hitler

He wanted to become a painter

He failed twice at the entrance to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in 1907 and 1908. Here is what is written in the books of the Academy:

The following have passed the test with insufficient results or were not admitted … Adolf Hitler, Braunau a. Inn, April 20, 1989, German, Catholic. Father civil servant. 4 years in high school. Few highlights. Test drawing unsatisfactory.

He wrote this about his failure for the second attempt:

The gentleman assured me that the drawings that I have presented clearly showed my unfitness for painting, and that my ability obviously lay in the field of architecture. To me, he said, the school of the Academy of Painting was out of question, the place that suited me was the School of Architecture.

There are still 2,000 of her watercolors. It is regarded as a mediocre painter although he managed to scrape a living by selling paintings. According to William L. Shirer, he copied his drawings and paintings on previous work.
It produced 2 per day to survive. Electronic copiers did not exist at the time.

A picture of Hitler on the wall of Freud

A watercolor painted by Hitler would have probably been hanging on the wall in the surgery of Sigmund Freud. It was won by an American soldier who said he taken it when it was hung on Freud’s wall, then drop it in Italy.
The painting has Hitler’s signature and the date 1910, and on the back is marked “Studio Medico Sigmund Freud Vienna”. Both characters lived in Vienna at the same time, and Freud left Austria in 1930 to live in England.

He welcomed Jesse Owens

Myth: At the Berlin Olympics in 1936, Hitler refused to acknowledge the winner of a competition because he was black. Jesse Owens, the athlete in question, says in his memoirs that Hitler have made a hello to which he replied, and he have been welcomed in Berlin.
Hitler have left before the end of the competition and therefore would not have welcomed all the athletes.

Jesse Owens:

When I passed the Chancellor he arose, waved his hand toward me, and I gave him a sign in return. I think that journalists have shown bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour in Germany.

The corpse of Hitler in archives of Stalin

The corpse of Hitler in archives of Stalin

Hitler took power through homosexuals

Under the government of Hitler, homosexuals had to wear a pink star. They were then under the III rd Reich massively deported.
Yet, that is thanks to gay Hitler came to power!
He joined the DAP with Erich Röhm, a homosexual in 1919. The DAP became NSDAP in 1920. In 1921, Hitler ousted its founder, Anton Drexler and takes his place. Röhm bring many members thanks to its relations with the army.
Hitler created the SA in 1921 under the authority of Röhm. It began as a service order.
Röhm left SA in 1923 but was recalled by Hitler in 1930. He then turn SA into an army of 400 000 men who played a key role in the seizure of power by Hitler.
The SA had many homosexuals among their leaders. In 1934, Hitler executed Röhm and other leaders of this parallel army, as suddenly and belatedly he discovered their homosexuality!

Hitler was an enemy of Christianity

Hitler considered himself invested with a divine mission and rejected Christianity, but could not ban them without being separated from his army, as many soldiers were Catholic or Protestant. Priests had some time to bless them when they went to the war.
What he thought of religion has been turned into a collection, the talks  from Hitler to Martin Bormann.

Several prominent members of the Nazi Party,  Catholic and raised in this religion have become sworn enemies, including Himmler (became neo-paganism), Martin Borman and Heydrich. The later never failed to add some Catholics to  lists of people to kill just because he hated them.

The Nuremberg documents revealed that the Nazis had formed the plan to eliminate Christianity after the war ended (See ref.).

He was for 4 years a tramp

He leaves his mother’s house in Linz and leaves school at age 16 in 1904 to go to Vienna. He adored his mother died in 1907 (he was 18). He had his picture on him when he committed suicide in 1945 (see the photo above).

The resources are depleted. It uses the shelters for homeless.
He lives mostly charity in Vienna between 2008 and 2013, with the help of charities including Jews (they could not predict the future).
There are still odd jobs, working as a laborer and selling watercolors. It stagnated in misery.
He went to Munich in 1913. A photo in the crowd who witnessed the proclamation of the war in 1914. Its authenticity is not sure, but what it represents is certainly true. He joined the army in 1914 and became a German of that fact.

Hitler in Munich crowd cheering the announcement of war in 1914

Hitler in Munich crowd cheering the announcement of war in 1914

The love of his life committed suicide with his revolver

The one he describes as the great love of his life, Geli Raubal (Angelika Maria “Geli” Raubal) was the daughter of his half-sister Angela Raubal.
She was found killed by a bullet September 19, 1931 in Hitler’s apartment, and one concludes to a suicide.
She was 23 years and various reasons for his suicide were given in connection with him and after an argument, that he denied in a press article.
Several witnesses said that had destroyed him and changed his personality, which then took its inhuman scale. He was 42 years.
Some believe that this love was not shared, but motivated by material benefits he could bring to Geli.

Geli Raubal - Eva Braun

Geli Raubal - Eva Braun

Eva Braun look like Geli Raubal. He saw it as a simple and stupid girl and found it  convenient. Eva Braun tries to commit suicide in 1932 (with a gun) and 1935 (by pills). He married her before committing suicide with her in 1945.

Other loves were assigned to him:

He had a vegan diet

Next to the Berghof was built a vegetable garden to supply fruit and vegetables. Its foundations are all that now remains of the Berghof.
Actually he was not completely vegetarian and not to save animals but probably rather out of fear for his health. Several reasons have been invoked.

Many witnesses testify to having seen him eating meat with relish. In fact, he liked ham, and recipes of liver.

He liked sweets very much

The man who sent armies to fight in the toughest conditions, which has left millions of people dying of hunger, not refused any sweetness himself.
He often ate chocolate and pastries, adding more sugar to tea to give it a syrupy taste.
Ernst Hanfstaengl said he saw Hitler adding sugar cubes to a cup of red wine.

He loved pastry cream. His cooks were preparing him well in his bunker and up to the final days before his suicide.

It probably why his teeth were bad and there were several bridges that were to be removed because of inflammation. He covered his mouth with his hand when he laughed to hide the huge holes.

He was addicted to amphetamines

Regarding his health, only the best established facts are that he had stomach and skin problems. To heal, he was taking toxic drugs that can explain his mental and physical decline. Among these are: cocaine, meta amphetamines injections,  glucose, testosterone, estradiol, steroids, strychnine and atropine, and others.

This medicine concocted by the physician Morell he had in high esteem made him getting addicted to amphetamines. He advised the doctor to his relatives who considered him a charlatan, but preferred praise him to not displease the supreme leader, which was reinforced in the value of the treatments. For example Albert Speer says in his autobiography:

« In 1936, when my circulation and stomach rebelled...I called at Morell's private office. After a superficial examination, Morell prescribed for me his intestinal bacteria, dextrose, vitamins and hormone tablets. For safety's sake I afterward had a thorough examination by Professor von Bergmann, the specialist in internal medicine at Berlin University. I was not suffering from any organic trouble, he concluded, but only from nervous symptoms caused by overwork.
I slowed down my pace as best I could and the symptoms abated. To avoid offending Hitler I pretended that I was carefully following Morell's instructions, and since my health improved, I became for a time Morell's showpiece. » – Albert Speer, Inside the Third Reich.

This is how von Choltitz, a German general described it in his biography after his meeting in 1944:

« I stood in front of him and saw an old man, hunched, puffy, gray and thinning hair, a trembling and physically ruined being. (...) No more doubt: I was facing a madman. »

Facts about his health:


He would have had Asperger syndrome, says an experienced doctor. It is a form of autism that would explain his inability to form relationships. But his lack of humanity can be explained simply by the loss of all the people who were close to him since his childhood, and a harsh existence.
Other theories have been submitted on his health, but they contradict themselves or could not have coexisted seriously, so they must be classified as myths:

He destroyed the birthplace of his father

He shaves Döllersheim and built a shooting range. Perhaps to erase the traces of its origins.

He is the inventor of the inflatable doll

For his soldiers did not fraternize with the occupant, they did produce the most realistic imitation of the archetype of the German woman, in latex.

He was inpirated by football cheerleaders

The scream Sieg Heil! (Comes the victory!) is similar to screams that launched the cheerleaders during the presentations that precede football matches.

He was devoted man of the year 1938 by the Times

He was also on coverage in 1941.

Never without my jacket

Whatever it is hot or cold, no one has seen him without his jacket.
After the first attack, he wore a bulletproof vest and probably always retained it. He complained that his generals did not take sufficient precautions against possible risks.

He was the first to ban smoking in public places

Unfortunately, that will give an argument for smokers! He did not smoke and forbade anyone to do that near  him (not surprisingly).
He rarely drank alcohol, too, but nor he was a pure vegetarian, he practiced total abstinence.

A Jew nominated him for a medal

During the First World War, Hugo Gutmann, Hitler's superior proposed him for the Iron Cross. Strangely he was born in Nuremberg. In addition Gutmann has himself received the Iron Cross on the same day, having also been proposed by an officer.
This award resulted according to his words of a promise made to Hitler for the delivery of an important message on the front.

Soldiers nicknamed him Grofaz

During the debacle against Russian troops and allied, soldiers nicknamed him “Grofaz” which stands for “Größter Feldherr aller Zeiten”.
Translation: “The greatest warlord of all time.”

Other facts