What is the largest building in the world?

Boeing Everett Factory, the plant where Boeing builds the 747 and 787 has 13.3 million m3 and 398 000 m2. This building is the largest in volume.

But for residential buildings, the Venetian Macau hotel in China with 980 000 m2 is the largest and exceeds the building of Boeing for the ground surface.

Buildings hosting firms

But what is the commercial building which houses the largest number of companies?

The record of companies registered in a building is owned today by a building in Delaware that receives mails for 200 000 companies. Located at 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, it hosts the virtual headquarters of Ford, American Airlines, General Motors, Coca-Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken. (Source Guardian).

Ugland House, George Town, in Cayman Islands: 18 000 companies are located here! (Source Forbes).
The building provides a postal service and services in a country where there is virtually no income tax.

It was cited by the current U.S. President Obama, as an example of tax evasion, which he wants to fight with new tax laws to recover $ 210 billions…