Permission to assassinate

This video provided by Wikileaks shows the attack on civilians by an American helicopter in Baghdad streets.

It seems that what they call "Weapons" are the cameras with lenses of two employees of Reuters.

From 9 minute of the video, the gunmen in the helicopter saw a car coming to rescue the wounded away.
They seek the order to fire the gun and get it.
In the vehicle was a child visible in the front.

The shooting that occured in 2007 made twelve dead. Two children in the car, several civilians, and two Reuters reporters.

WikiLeaks published another secret document presumed written by an analyst at the Army Counterintelligence Center

The title :

"—An Online Reference to Foreign Intelligence Services, Insurgents, or Terrorist Groups?".

In summary the document stated that sensitive information posted by WikiLeaks could endanger American soldiers and that the site could be used to post fabricated information, misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda.
It ask to identify and prosecute the insiders who pass information on to WikiLeaks in the goal to destroy this "center of gravity" and deter others from taking similar actions.

WikiLeaks said the report was proof that U.S. Intelligence planned to destroy the site.

The informant arrested

Bradley Manning is an analyst in the intelligence service of the U.S. Army. He was arrested May 26, 2010 in Baghdad where he was stationed.
He acknowledged in a telephone conversation with a computer, Adrian Lamo, who turned him in, having disclosed the above video, another video on the Guaraní attack (Afghanistan) where many civilians were killed and many other documents classified as confidential.
He had trouble with his superiors who had isolated and wanted him to leave the army. In fact he tried to disclose as much classified information he could obtain.

To pass the documents he has recorded a CD with the label Lady Gaga, the authorities have not closely examined.