Futuristic architecture

Some examples of building, constructed or under construction proving that we are entering the world of tomorrow.

Guggenheim Hermitage Museum

In Vilnius Estonia. This project won a competition to become an international art center and house the Guggenheim collection.

Architect: Zaha Hadid.

Signature towers

By the same Iraqi architect who has again won a competition among several projects. These three towers, a time named "Dancing Tower" are under construction in Dubai.

New Orleans Arcology Habitat (NOAH)

To rebuild New Orleans, has been imagined this gigantic building that will contain 20,000 homes, three hotels, a hospital and shopping centers. The architect is Kevin Schopfer and Associates.

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World Business Center Solomon Tower (WBCB)

In Busan, South Korea, directed by the architectural firm Asymptote. It won an international competition and is under construction.
Three towers intertwined to form the tallest building in Asia rising to 550 meters.

More images. On the Asymptote's site.