Saddest pictures

Photos among the saddest ... Taken by amateur photographers

The bike chained to a tree

When this young man went to war in 1914, he chained his bicycle to a tree. He never returned. The string withstood to the pressure of the tree that widened over time and gradually it absorbed the bike.

Pulitzer Prize for a dramatic photo

Photographer John Gaunt was walking along the beach April 2, 1954 when he heard screams. A couple stood there and argued. Their son 19 months playing in the garden, approached to the sea and a wave picked up him, and the sea shortly after returned his body. The parents then discovered it.
This photo appeared on the cover of Time magazine and the photographer won the Pulitzer Prize.

The doctor of Oradour

On June 10, 1944, to make an example and terrorize the population, to help discourage resistance, SS Das Reich division shoot all the men of the village of Oradour sur Glane. Women and children were locked in the church at which they put fire.
Patients and the doctor were also taken. The car of that doctor is still among the ruins of the city kept unchanged as a memorial.

The Vietnam Memorial

After the fury of the fighting, remains on the battlefield the corpses of soldiers. Then the graves in the graveyards in the country and this dreary monument bearing the names of all the missing.
A brother cry on the name of the man who never returned.

September 11

Thousands of firefighters were rushed by the underground to the two towers in flames. Among them was Gary Box that we see in the picture.
And then the towers collapsed, burying victims and rescuers.
The father of firefighter found in the archives last photo of her son taken by a Danish protographer when he came to fight the fire.

He was 14 and wanted to see the World
John Gilpin, an amateur photographer was trying out a new lens on his camera with the taking off a DC-8 on the Sydney-Tokyo flight.
He surprised the horrible image of a body falling into the vacuum when the landing gear bay were closed.
Keith Sapsford hid in the receptacle in the hope to travel and see the world, but the wheels got all the room and pushed him in the vacuum.
This happened in February 1970.
The moose agony
Trapped by a landslide, this poor moose never managed to extricate itself from the crevasse into which it sank. Its screams tore many successive nights and after a long illness it died of hunger.
This is a small part of the tragedy that knows or has seen the world ...