Cablegate. Revelations by Wikileaks.

Wikileaks reveal messages (cables) from US ambassies to their government.

250 000 dispatches reveal theirs secrets, sometimes strategies from US and other countries, but especially the views of diplomats. They were taken from the SIPRNet network.
To prevent the site divulgate the info at the date, it suffered massive DDoS attack.

About countries and their politics

About personalities

Criticism by ambassador on the leader of their hosts.


All these revelations caused a considerable stir in political circles, especially Americans, who see their depravity revealed in broad daylight. Some compare Wikileaks to a terrorist group, others seek the death penalty for those who commit such acts (disclosure of state secrets).

Sarah Palin:

Julian Assange should be hunted down in the way armed forces are targeting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

Peter King, congressman:

Has written letters to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking to prosecute Assange under the Espionage Act, and to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to determine whether WikiLeaks could be designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

Vladimir Putin criticized the arrest of Julian Assange

When you talk about democracy, it must be in full.

Lula, the Brazil's President said  that he is in solidarity with Julian Assange. He called him a "champion of freedom of speech".


  1. Victim of a DDoS attack, becomes unavailable and move to the Amazon cloud.
  2. Amazon terminate the site.
  3. EveryDNS, the DNS resolver, interrupted the service to
  4. It is then replaced by
  5. Paypal closed the account of Wikileaks that can no longer receive donations.
  6. PostFinance, the Swiss bank closes the account of Julian Assange.
  7. Julian Assange is wanted by Interpol for a complaint for "rape by surprise," more than doubtful, complaint filed a week after the alleged facts by a Swedish feminist activist.
  8. Many sites offer themselves as mirrors of Wikileaks for its content remains on the Web.
  9. Visa and Mastercard suspended payment of donation to Wikileaks.
  10. Operation Payback is the name of an operation of multiple DDoS attacks launched by the group Anonymous against businesses in protest.
    Paypal suffered an attack but it did not affect the service. PostFinance was forced to close its site for 16 hours.
  11. The same group launched a DDoS attack on and The sites was down (December 8, 2010).
  12. A 16 years old Netherlander, suspected of having participated in Operation Payback was arrested. (December 9, 2010). Another aged 19 was the latest.
  13. Anonymous has decided to stop the attacks and now asks users to peel the cables to find critical information that would not have been published.
  14. OpenLeaks, an alternative created by members of the staff still wants for them to disclose information only to newspapers.
  15. Many sites appear, which follow the principle of Wikileaks: BrusselLeaks, BalkanLeaks, IndoLeaks, for their respective region.

DDoS, what is it?

Distributed Denial of Service, is making a site unavailable because of too many users connected, which is acco:mplished by the use of botnets, networks of computers infected by a malicious script programmed to connect to the site.

SIPRNet, what is it?

Secret Internet Protocol Router Network is a set of interconnected computers used by the Department of Defence. It transmit documents classifier secret in a secured environment.
There is a million users, which provides a good chance of leaks.