Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the Sofitel case

A socialist elect liking luxury

The press saw him as next president of France, he was put in a cell that does not has the comfort of the Elysee palace

The most recent case is the accusation of rape by an employee of a Sofitel in New York, and it is far from being the first.

Some polls put him at the head of the second round of French presidential elections, beating the UMP candidate with 60% of the votes. Popularity entirely manufactured by the media. He had been beaten in the first round of the 2008 primary socialist. The French Socialists in particular, would they like to have for president a banker with a lavish lifestyle? Where begin this sudden passion for the IMF?

Since the beginning of the case DSK never gave his version of events. He refuses to say what happened and his defense tactic is essentially trying to discredit his accuser, smear her reputation. His circle suggest a consented relationship (hard to imagine) and deny a priced relationship. But DNA tests prove the relationship.


The Sofitel case

There has been no ruling on the merits so far, what is described are the charges from Nafissatou Diallo (pictured right), a maid of Fulani origin (Guinea), aged 32 years and mother of a 15 year old daughter. She lives in the U.S. since 1998.
Those who know her see her as serious and honest.
She worked in this hotel for three years but had never met DSK, she never cleaned his room as shown be records of the hotel, and investigators from her personality have considered her very credible. First encouters (including two former cops) found her chocked and in distress. Since the facts she is under police protection which is why we do not see anywhere.

nafissatou diallo victim strauss-kahn

DSK proclaims his innocence, but two other similar cases do not plead for him. Tests have identified his DNA on the neck of the blouse of the victim.

Even after he appeared in front of the grand jury which decided is there must be trial or not, he provided no version about the events. He expects to know what evidence will be presented to choose with his counsels a line of defense.
And this is not the attitude of an innocent. An innocent man does not wait to know the evidence against him because there are none, and he is quick to give his version of events that is easy to verify in his eyes.

At the hearing on June 6, he pleaded not guilty.

strauss-kahn michelle obama

Dominique Strauss-Kahn with the President of the USA and his wife. Obama looks to the future, but his wife to the past.
"Nafissatou, do you know who is the man you accuse?" asked her friend

A monthly rent of US$ 50,000

In adversity the image of socialist leader appears to have been put in the trash. Having narrowly escaped a 2x3m cell with mattress and toilet bowl in the middle, thanks to a deposit paid of 1 million dollars and a security deposit of 5 million, he gets a healthy with an individual house of 600 m2 in Manhattan. It is located near the courthouse at 153 Franklin Street, and is leased $ 50,000 per month.

It has four floors, a private movie theater, four luxurious rooms, a central hall with skylight, a Jacuzzi, a large terrace on the roof, several bathrooms.

A security company was paid € 140,000 per month that monitors him, both to prevent his escape as to ward off intruders.

Defense by a specialist in lost causes

Several private investigators were hired by the defense to investigate the victim and find evidence to discredit her. Benjamin Brafman is known to use tactics at the boundaries to reach his goals, and manipulating the media.
William Taylor, the second lawyer has already defended DSK in the Nagy case.

The victim for his part, with the financial means of a maid, has only one lawyer specializing in hospital malpractices, Jeff Shapiro. It gets paid only when he wins the case. Then the victim replaced him by Kenneth Thompson.

According to the first lawyer, she had no idea of ​​the identity of her attacker. The day after her complaint, a friend phoned her and told her: "To you have only an idea of ​​who this man is and what it means for you?"
She then was startled and incredulous. And, given the power he had, she feared for herself and for her daughter.

The prosecution is represented by attorney Cyrus Vance, John Artie McConnell deputy prosecutor, Joan Illuzzi-Orbon and Ann Prunty who specializes in sex crimes.

An anti-Dreyfus case?

The public defenders of Dominique Strauss-Kahn:

The editors have not chosen the camp of the alleged victim.

To prosecution and to defense

As expected, the network of DSK has not been idle, after a long investigation, not on the accused to know if he was involved in similar cases, but on her accuser, it is estimated that fishing been successful in the clan.

In view of this, the defenders of DSK are rubbing their hands and see hom free and already cleared, returning to politics.

A hearing on July 1, 2011 lets he free with a refund of his bail and forbidden to leave the territory of the USA. This will, however, facilitates the possibility to fly.

While the defense was jubilant at the lies of the accuser and requires a dismissal, it's not that simple. Everyone is entitled to justice and the fact that one had past wrongs do not make a complaint automatically void. Fortunately, as this would give a right to rape some people. And if DSK has all a series of cases to his credit that does not make him a sure guilty.
Some of the lies of the accused can be understood. For example, she is said she will lose the benefit of her home if she has only one dependent child. She invented the charge of the child to her sister to not be homeless. This does not make her a compulsive liar as wants to believe the DSK clan.

The prosecutor and his career

About the medical report showing a broken ligament in the shoulder, the prosecutor rejects the item, saying she could get hurt playing sports! Which sport and on what occasion? It is not clear.

The prosecutor acknowledged that there was fast and violent sex but not hasty proof of rape. Unless the players know each other well and are in a hurry, what can match such a sexual relationship?

The procurreur calls to drop the charges because he can probably not win the case. A trial that would have taken place, however. It's more like a concern for his career than justice.

Reaction of the lawyer of the alleged victim:

He has not only turned his back on this victim but he has also turned his back on the forensic, medical and other physical evidence in this case. If the Manhattan district attorney, who is elected to protect our mothers, our daughters, our sisters, our wives and our loved ones, is not going to stand up for them when they're raped or sexually assaulted, who will?

Protesters held a demonstration in support of Diallo outside Vance's office and demanded that he step down.

Complaisant media in France claim that the innocence of DSK was recognized. Certainly not, a civil trial shoud take place in the United States in which a jury will declare him guilty or not.

The conspiracy theory

On 22 November, an article by a member of the club, Jay Epstein, considered seriously except when it relates to his friends, revived the conspiracy theory.
Strangely, this article displays the date of December 22, 2011!

Strauss-kahn, theory of conspiracy

This journey into the future claims collect a series of "disturbing" clues that will disturb those who want to be disturbed. Two hotel employees perform a dance after the fact for 12 seconds, which proves said Epstein, that there is a conspiracy. Employees called into question as spies of the French UMP party claim that it has nothing to do with the case.

And in the kitchen one found an ice pick. Proof that Catherine Trammel - Sharon Stone, is also involved! .

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