Computer technologies and software

New trends and tools that change the world.

The magic slate of the MIT.

Augmented reality

Beyond Internet and its hyperlinks, a new mode of communication much more convenient is growing: it superimposes data in text or images on the page, which can be a real view taken by the camera of a mobile.

Virtual assistant

It assists the user in his daily tasks.

Cloud computing

This is the future Google wants to us.

Gamification of the workspace

Making fun at work may become the future.

Overview of online services and software for editing and creating family tree.

3D printer

It reduces the manufacturing cost up to 97% and can be used at home for DIY, decorating or making utensils of daily life.

Smart watch: Apple is late

What can be the use? Will it be the first major setback for Apple in a decade?

Tablet PC

They are both smartphone, computer when a keyboard is connected, and electronic book reader. Apple's iPad has launched the movement which already seems to get a lot of interest to companies who see it as a perfect means of communication.

e-Book reader or Tablet PC?

Should we buy an e-Book beside a tablet?

New computer interfaces

How computer will soon be driven.

Kinect, a gate on virtual reality

Open source camera

New computer protocols

To connect computers, peripherals and the network, new performing protocols are emerging.

Adapters to all computer connectors


When OpenStreetMap becomes Sim City

Or Google Maps, mapping APIs once exploited by developers allows to make interesting applications.

Windows 8

Some info for the next Windows version for all computers from tablets to servers.

Seven, the last Windows as we know it
Comparing Seven to the user interface of several other systems.

Comparison of anti-virus software

Comparing free and paid solutions.

List of free archivers

Comparison of free tool to build archive and compress files, ZIP compatible.

What genealogy software to use?

SketchUp, a free modeling tool

Download this free software to create, edit and share 3D models.
It is easier to use than competing software. A way to create its virtual home.

Midori and other projects from Microsoft to the future
From the more or less secret labs of Microsoft, innovative software to improve the experience in the future.

Empire and anarchy
Against a powerful organisation with an overall vision and a coherent strategy, a plethora of incompatible open source solutions.