List of free archivers

List and comparison of free archivers, ZIP compatibles.

The ZIP format created in 1989 is widely used and perfectly suited to create virtual media where you can sail with appropriate software and recognized by Linux and Windows.
It's actually ZIP files that are the JAR of Java, XPI of Mozilla, XAP of Microsoft and OpenDocument files from Office Open and Office Open XML from Microsoft Office.

ZIP compresses files individually (unlike TGZ) what is best for access and selective extraction from an interface. A central directory in the archive also facilitates the use as a virtual disk.
It is also possible to protect access to data in the archives with a password.

The fact that the archiver can run in command line is essential for use on the Web or with scripts.
The software that have only a graphical interface are most often, but not always, frontends to command line programs.

This list is limited to software that are actively maintained and have a recent version, a year or less.

Name GUI Console Executable Windows Linux Mac License Features
Ark Yes - - - Yes GPL  
7-zip Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes LGPL Conversion, encryption
File Roller Yes - - - Yes GPL  
FreeArc Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes GPL Repair, encryption
Info-Zip WiZ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes BSD Repair, encryption, zlib.
IZarc Yes Yes Yes Yes - Proprietary Conversion, encryption
PeaZip Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes LGPL Conversion, encryption
ZipGenius Yes - Yes Yes - Proprietary UPX, FTP client, encryption
The Unarchiver Yes         Yes Proprietary Encryption

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