E-book reader or tablet?

The electronic book or e-book, talked about for so long has finally become an everyday object and it can view the news in transport as much as reading a novel at night by the light of a lamp.

Electronic paper

Electronic paper can be cut with scissors

Considering the success of Amazon's Kindle sold since 2007, U.S. newspaper groups have decided to move to electronic book that would provide a new medium to their publications.
400 000 copies of Kindle have been passed during his first year.

As can be seen in the video to the right, the new electronic paper remains functional even if it is cut with scissors! We can watch videos with average quality but it is suitable especially for books.

A colour version by Plastic Logic will be soon available.

E-book Reader or tablet?

Do we need a eBook reader if we own a tablet PC?

An e-book reader must have three qualities to be used as a paper book, including reading in bed, at night:

Although a tablet PC may occasionally serve as eBook reader, they are less suitable for frequent use.
We can for example on Android read a book or document in a PDF file with an application like vuDroid. We must note the number of last page read, and when we takes the document further, enter the page number to return to his reading.

The Nook e-books reader and other products

The Nook Barnes & Noble, available in the U.S. since December 7, has received 60,000 orders within 15 days that followed ...
It has Wi-fi Internet connectivity, a MicroSD port for storage.

Time Inc.., News Corp.., Conde Nast, Hearst Corp.. and Meredith Corp.. announce a joint venture to develop an electronic device capable of competing with the Kindle.

This device is equipped with color to make the magazinelooking as on paper, it could display video, run games.
Among the magazines are included Times, Cosmopolitan.

Note Slate is the modern version of the magic slate. It allows actually to write on a tablet that looks like a sheet of paper. That for 99 dollars!

Other competitors are the Sony Reader, Cybook, the Digital Reader.

Most e-books support both HTML and PDF, but a specialized format, the ePub is becoming the norm. It encapsulates an XHTML file in a ZIP archive files with different metadata.