The year of smart watches

Since we know the Apple project, each competitor in mobile is preparing its smart watch.

What can you do with a smart watch? To answer this question, we reviewed all the articles dealing with the issue.

  1. These watches use the same operating systems as mobile, Android or iOS. With a touchscreen, it is assumed to fulfill similar functions with the limitations due to the size of the screen.
  2. They are connected via Bluetooth to a mobile phone or other device, and therefore can exchange data with it.
  3. So they are invisible accessories to receive information or send commands to a device.
  4. There are currently smart watches available for a hundred dollars (Sony, Pebble, etc.).. They give time and have messaging features. We can expect more of an Apple watch, including a touch screen.

Montres intelligentes

Smart watches of Shanda, Samsung, Sony and Apple concept

Another question arises again: The Apple smart watch will it a success similar to that of the iPhone or iPad?

In support of this hypothesis, an argument:

  1. Every innovative product from Apple for 10 years has been a huge success.

But against this, a list of reasons ...

  1. Competitors were surprised by the success of Apple's innovations. Nokia, RIM, failed to react and have seen their market share fall. Things have changed, all companies prepare their smart watch to counter Apple and in particular, Google, Samsung, Sony, LG, etc ... Some have already gained experience in this field.
  2. The smart watch duplicates the mobile. It is an invisible mobile but with no added function. While most people are willing to invest hundreds of dollars in an essential product, it will not be the case for a duplicate.
  3. Capacities are necessarily lower than a mobile phone. The screen is reduced and also the battery. This may look like a gadget whose limitations make it quickly unbearable.

The conclusion is that Apple is preparing to experience his first big failure since the death of Steve Jobs. Besides the connected TV.