Failures of web actors, and successes


Among the explanations of failures of projects launched with great fanfare by major Web players, is denounced especially the bureaucracy into big business. They lose their dynamism, responsiveness, and are away from concerns of users.
But this is not the only reason, some companies have absolutely no vision for the future and instead of Midas who turned everything into gold, they spend huge amounts of money to buy popular sites and convert them into flops that are sold for almost nothing or simply closed.


Reigning supreme in the field of software on desktops, the company is facing a changing market, as computers now are smartphones, netbooks or tablets.

The field of mobile fails to Microsoft. But the firm has also experienced some successes.

In conclusion, the firm has successfully diversified into consoles but is virtually absent from the mobile market, currently the most active.


Google trends to loses engineers exiling in other firms considered more dynamic. Projects from Google when announced are doing so much hype that their failure is more resounding.

Nexus One also is cited as failure. It is less certain because the device was mainly intended to demonstrate the ability of Android, which was overwhelmingly adopted by manufacturers. The failure lies in the choice of distribution.
Also criticized, the search engine, considered less effective for the results even if it brings many new features in the presentation thereof.

Besides these failing projects, Google has also been successful in domain infinitely more important.

Other sites that success can not be denied: Youtube, Gmail, Earth, Maps ...

It is therefore normal that a company that launches many projects know some failures. This should not hide the fact that Google is taking the importance on mobiles of Microsoft on desktop computers.


Everything seems to succeed to Apple, that made a success at something which no one previously thought.

This should not be forgotten that the firm does not succeeds everything she does.

The firm has been controversial for its new conditions to the software on iPhone. It has to go back and give more freedom to developers.


With AOL, Yahoo is a bad student on the Web. First site a year ago, it has since fallen to fourth place.

In 2009, the site Geocities bought by Yahoo and which a time was the third most visited site in the world (like Facebook is in 2010), is closed. Yahoo! had bought it and had eliminated its social functions that made the success of Facebook.


The capitalization of AOL in 2010 is now tiny fraction of what it was ten years ago.

Previously, AOL has done even better, having bought Netscape for $ 3 billion, it has just closed the site a few years later.

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