New websites of interest

Creative Sanbox

July 2014 Cookie Choice
Opened by Google to help ad editors to use cookies while respecting European laws.

August 2013
By EFF to help companies in the U.S. who are victims of Patent Trolls, these entities whose business is racketeering entrepreneurs (legally) requesting a ransom for not having to pay huge trial fees .
The site help to better understand the action of Trolls and provides examples. Ignoring the letter of the "inventor" if often the best action to take.

August 2013 Mediagoblin
This is a free alternative to Flickr, Tumblr, and other sites sharing videos, images, music. Launched by the Free Software Foundation, it offers a (free) software to create your own server sharing, and a sharing site itself is scheduled for September or October.

March 2013 Wikidata
Launched by the Wikimedia Foundation is a knowledge base under a free license usable by programs. It stores structured data provided by editors to be used in your pages.
One benefit of this is that the data will be reused on multiple pages instead of duplicated in each article.

January 2013
Launched by Microsoft a service to test the compatibility of a web page with each version of Internet Explorer. You enter the URL of a page for testing.

January 2013. Wikivoyage
Wikipedia launched a travel site in addition to the general encyclopedia, it offers a map and provides information on all aspects of moving to a selected location: hotels, restaurants, services and places to visit. Accessibility is to review but the amount of information provided is respectable.
A large amount of data was taken from WikiTravel actually, it is a fork wanted by WikiTravel's administrators. More...

December 2012. Medium
Created by the founders of Twitter, it is a combination of Digg and This blogging platform is also a news engine, it creates a page for readers selecting articles of interest.

November 2012. Creative Sanbox
A very original way to present the services of the firm. The demonstration on the right is part of a set where Google tests new ways to design websites.
It uses CSS transform.

October 2012. Web Platform
Developed jointly by Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, W3C and many others actors of the Web, this site aims to be a source of information on standards, including HTML 5. It looks like Google's Html5rocks with a wider range of topics. It will give an update on the state of standardization of technologies.
This is a collaborative website with a wiki and a forum and this is perhaps the wrong side because these "collaborations" too often borrow content from other sites, without the permission of the author (see Scribd, Wikipedia). And the texts are then offered under a CC license!

October 2012. Build New Game
Offers a series of articles and resources for making games in the browser compatible with Internet Explorer 10. Of course WebGL is not part of the program since IE does not support it. Few sites currently earn money with HTML 5 games, but it is a growing sector.

September 2012 Ask Patents
To fight dubtious patents (such as those used by Apple against Samsung and other competitors for various gestures on a touch-screen - the latter not invented by Apple), StackExchange want to help to find prior art. This Q and R site could help. Big success already, it is used by USPTO to reject false inventions.

March 2011
The new store for Android provides mobile games and utilities as well as all kinds of products such as books and music.

September 2011
The TechCrunch Disrupt contest finalists:

August 2011
Launched by a critic of Reddit, who denounces the low level of contributions (that's the least we can say) it is another aggregator of news.
Reddit is itself a clone of Digg, which has benefited from lower hearing it suffers for the opposite reason, a selection of articles too restrictive!

August 2011
From the founder of Twitpic, a Twitter clone where pings replace tweets. The idea is to take revenge on Twitter that copies Twitter applications from independent developers.

August 2011 Beta620
From New York Time to host its experimental projects.

July 2011
While Picasa change its name to Google Photos, Google creates a new photo sharing site, more social. Unlike Google+, links are based only on the photos. Update: The site seems down.

July 2011.
On this Google's sites, anyone can put a contest and offer a prize to the winner.

June 2011
What do you love? New search engine from Google close to Square with a presentation as a magazine. It builds results from various online tools such as Maps, Youtube, Patents, etc ... all related to the query.

June 2011
Launched jointly by Google and Yahoo Bing to provide a common format for defining structured data. Attributes recognized by all the engines will help them to classify the information more easily.

March 2011. Think Quaterly
Free online magazine in UK by Google.

February 2011 Google Art Project
Dedicated entirely to the virtual tour of museums throughout the world. 360 ° panoramic view, possibility to enlarge an object, it is a continuation of Street View inside buildings.

November 2010 LikeALittle
Anonymous flirting service in US universities. Reached 20 millions pageviews in 6 months according to TechCrunch. Was closed in July 2012.

November 2010 Boutiques
Google launched this site selling clothes online, and wants to provide a modern access to the contents with visual search and filters. Now closed.

November 2010
A new search engine moderated by users. This remind us to Wikia that became then an answers site.
We can predict it will soon be added to the second list, below.

September 28, 2010
Foundation supported by Google, Novell, FSF, Red Hat, it distributes LibreOffice, Oracle-free version of

Septembre 1, 2010.
Social network from Apple based on iTunes to follow artists.

June 2010.
Google opened a site dedicated primarily to HTML 5, supported by Chrome and all modern browsers.
The goal is to raise awareness of the new standard for the webmasters and for that it provides extensive tutorials.
But a large part seems devoted to his implementation in Chrome.

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