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Wikipedia is not the only online encyclopedia written by users.

We remember Google's attempt to compete with Wikipedia with Knol. However, it did not follow the principle of a single page for each topic, and this is why it failed and the site was closed in April 2012. A single article is necessary to get contributions and also a good hearing. This is why it is difficult to compete with Wikipedia and attempts to make similar wikis have all been unsuccessful. But it is possible to successfully create wikis different in their orientation, or in the subject which is the case of mapping sites. Here are the main ones.


One of the two creators of the project started it because of a different on the line to follow and created a competitor to Wikipedia: Citizendium, which is a contraction of citizen (citizen) and stadium. It is only in English.
In this new version of collaborative encyclopedia, each page is under the control of an editor, who is well-known, is an expert in the field and control all contributions, prohibiting spam and depredations. A big difference with Wikipedia where administrators act on all items, even if they do not understand them.
The initiative has the drawback to come in the wake of Wikipedia, using the same software and even the same content when it has nothing other to offer and user so are encouraged to go to the original instead.
Nevertheless Citizendium has strong supporters. The initiator of the project meets all the objections. But I must say, this is an obvious failure. It has half the traffic of in 2013.


In March 2004, Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley, create a hosting wiki, Wikicities who gets the name for a previous project of directory. It was renamed Wikia in March 27, 2006. It received at this time four million dollars form a venture capital fund.
So if you disagree with the contents of a page of the wiki-encyclopedia you can create your own page or wiki, it will be indexed in a list ...

The Wikia space has 314000 wikis (communities) in April 2013. It uses the same software as Wikipedia, MediaWiki, and is funded by advertising.
The largest wiki hosted on Wikia is Wookieepedia is the wiki of Star Wars fans, which accounted for 17% of Wikia's traffic in 2007.
Although Wikia is independent of Wikipedia it uses its servers against earnings.

Encyclopedia Britannica

It is open to contributions: readers can also create their items and invites other to contribute to online articles, edit and enhance as do readers of Wikipedia.
The difference with the wiki and Wikia is an editor on the staff of the company will check each change before it appears. An effective way to discourage spam!
A revolution for an institution that has existed for near 250 years. We must salute their ability to adapt!

Maps and Earth

Other projects are much more interesting ... The Google's MyMaps site, so mapping wiki is evolved enough to create a file for each geographical entity, but by placing it on a map and complementing views 3D images, video ...

Earth was going further when the site offered a free 3D design software, Building Maker to add buildings to Earth. This project is now abandoned by Google and retired on June 1, 2013.


This is an alternative to Google Maps and other mapping services. It is also simple to use, has comprehensive editing tools, but unfortunately is not complete, many parts of the globe are not covered. That will come with time and contributions from users.
Developers can also create apps working with mapping services, and perhaps become rich!

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